Support Worker

BBS Recruitment is currently recruiting for an experienced Social Care – Unqualified in a temp position for our client in West Sussex County.

The successful candidate should be a proactive and hardworking individual with prior experience within a role.
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Key Accountabilities a Social Care – Unqualified
The specific accountabilities of this flexible role may alter from time to time in
order to meet the needs of the business/client, but accountabilities will include
(Or be equivalent in nature to) those listed below:

Provide active support (i.e., support that encourages individuals to do as much
for themselves as possible) and enable customers in all aspects of them.

personal and physical care in line with individual provider plans, whilst
maintaining their dignity, privacy and independence.

This may include assisting customers with their toilet routine, showering, assisting with eating
and drinking, health related tasks, dealing with emergencies, assisting with mobility requirements and using related equipment, etc.

Responsible for monitoring, recording and suggesting revisions to the
provider plan to ensure that the needs of customers are met and
communicate any concerns, deterioration or improvements of customers.

This would include maintaining concise daily records.
Interpret straightforward information and situations e.g., taking part in
opportunities designed to ensure physical, social, emotional, cultural and spiritual needs of customers are met e.g., outings, functions.

Contribute to maintaining and developing a stimulating environment through the
delivery of activities in keeping with person centred provider plans, which will include running groups with support of the senior team and sometimes in conjunction with volunteers.

Ensure that individuals, if necessary, with the support of advocates, have meaningful choices and are involved in decisions about their lives.

Be committed to values of respect, choice, individuality, community presence, participation and competence.

Encourage customers to access, integrate and interact as members of the
community, supporting customers to access community based provision as per
their provider plans.

Support customers when using transport to attend the day centre or community based services.

Good communication and interpersonal skills to provide clear and concise specialist advice and guidance to a range of customers.

Be able to work with customers who are less able to express themselves and have an understanding of non-verbal communication.

To work in partnership with health and social care colleagues to deliver the requirements of the provider plan and ensure the health, safety and well-being of the customer and others involved in their care.

Act as an impartial professional point of contact for other professionals, family members and carers, and be able to understand and interpret information and feed this back to senior members and/or seek support.

Work with the customers to provide a safe environment and be conscious of the need for safety and take appropriate action as required under Health and Safety legislation, including the day to day monitoring of equipment, e.g., hoists, and report concerns.

Responsible for regularly handling, processing and storing confidential information relating to customers and/or care of the personal possessions of others.

Undertake light domestic duties as required to ensure cleanliness, comfort and safety for customers throughout the day e.g., laundry, or safely cleaning an area after a customer has been incontinent.

Support equality and diversity and respect customers, clients and other members of staff regardless of gender, age, disability, sexual orientation,religion or ethnic origin.

Remain up to date and compliant with all relevant legislation, organisational procedures, policies and professional codes of conduct to uphold.

Skills of Social Care – Unqualified
Ability to interpret information, such as service complaints, and then redirect them
to the appropriate person to provide quick and accurate resolution.

Good communication and interpersonal skills to provide clear and concise
advice and guidance to a range of customers.

Clear, concise basic literacy and numeracy skills to record and document
activities in the care plan.

Able to deal appropriately with expressive behaviour from customers and respond
sensitively to their families and carers.

Able to build relationships with people from a wide variety of cultural, religious and
ethnic backgrounds.

Ability to work as part of a team completing shared tasks to deliver a service
to others.

Dexterity and/or co-ordination skills necessary to provide personal care, operate
equipment and demonstrate activities.

Able to encourage and support people to do things for themselves.

Other Requirements
5 Years References
DBS Check Summary
Employment history & gaps check form
Profile Card
Covid 19 Vaccination Declaration

To apply for this job email your details and attached CV to